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The Ancient Bards

When Highland Chiefs still had courts, they had harpists to entertain their guests, glorify their deeds and to record their history in song and music.

Then came the pipers, who took over the harpists' positions, and developed their own music (some may argue that they took the harp music, or the songs, or both).

Ever since then, pipers and harpists have stayed apart.

One good reason for this is the difference in volume between bagpipes and harp, but today with the availability of smallpipes and borderpipes there need be no more barriers.
And this is where Irena Czubek-Davidson joins Lindsay Davidson with her harp.

There is a tradition in piping that a new tune is composed and named to mark a significant event, or to thank a person or lament a person. This tradition is very much a living tradition and the Ancient Bards repertoire reflects this in not only the strange titles but the character of the pieces.

The arrangements are mainly from traditional pipe music, with the harp accompanying, occasionally leading. The solo harp music is either from the tradtional clarsach repertoire or arranged from fiddle or pipe music. Additionally new pieces have been composed which belong to the piping tradition in every way except their sounds - a tableaux illustrating an event or a location as one might expect in film music.

Our recent recording, together with Katarzyna Wiwer-Monita of mainly traditional arrangements is available from the shop..

"The Ancient Bards"

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Eightsome Reels
Piano di Sorrento
Captain Colin Campbell

New music is being added to the repertoire all the time and programmes can be adapted to suit any occasion. Educational programmes and lectures on traditional Scottish music, bagpipes or harp can also be included.
The Ancient Bards is a very rare combination of instruments and is unique in Poland.

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The Ancient Bards

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