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Species Counterpoint

This project has two main aims:
  • to provide a resource for learning counterpoint in the sixteenth century style
  • to provoke some thought on how to combine this with mantroch technique and so create a new compositional paradigm
Sixteenth century counterpoint, as best displayed by Palestrina is a truly wonderful sound. It has a certain timeless magic and a therapeutic, relaxing quality. Whilst some may find football, or drinking beer a relaxing passtime, writing such counterpoint also has a great attraction, and might just make you feel better (with no hangover)!

The second goal - to provoke development of mantroch may sound vain. Mantroch was created as a way of synthesising different traditions.  Time and time again I have found myself reverting to basic principles gained from species counterpoint to create a ground for a mantroch piece. Therefore, perhaps it is worth exploring more formally and systematically the potential of synthesising the two traditions.

There are donate buttons in the right index on all of the pages. This is via paypal, although I have made my own button. I have other ideas for free information on the web, and some of these need both time and a lot more space. The suggestion for donations is to help offset costs incurred in this counteropint (and teach yourself bagpipes) and to raise funds to undertake something wholly more ambitious...And if nothing else, it helps support my mission - to drive piping forward!

I sincerely hope you enjoy exploring species counterpoint.
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