Lindsay Davidson 
Driving 'piping forward

5th Species

This is where everything you have learned so far is applied...

Quite simply, now join all the species together in one big mixture.!

New term:

Échappée - jumping off a suspension to a note one step higher then resolving normally (i.e. followed by a jump of a third down, after a step up).

Stylistic issues to try to remember:
  • Start with large note values and have a crescendo in rhythm as the piece goes on.
  • End with a suspension which resolves to a stepwise cadence.
  • Quavers (eighth notes) should only be used either to embellish the resolution of a suspension, or going in one direction and filling in the leap of a fourth.
  • Quavers (eighth notes) should not be used too much. They should only be used as embellishments or as part of a neighbour note figure and should only appear at weak points in the bar.

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