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The Kerr Collection

There are about 100 tunes in this collection, written as a gift for Michael Kerr of Chicago on the occasion of his retirement. The titles tell the story of his Grandparents' work at the first half of the 20th century in Oklahoma and something of the history of Oklahoma before that.

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Choktaw March
Civil Rights Movement, The
DAR Ladies, The
Fort Arbuckle
Fort Cobb
Fort Coffee
Fort Gibson
Fort Reno
Fort Smith
Fort Wayne, OK.
Governor Henry Bellmon
Governor Jack Walton
J M Hall's March
Kiowa Lands March
Lincoln McGeisey
Potawatomi March, The
Restitution March
Rosehill March
Tallasi March
Tulsey Town March

Charlie McGinley
Cherokee Outlet, The
Great Seal, The
Muscogee Strathspey, The
Presbyterian Missionary, The
Red People, The
Ringing in Statehood
Seminole Nation, The
Silver Spoon
Unassigned Lands, The

Cherokees' Reel, The
Early Days, The
Eastern Seaboard Reel, The
Federal Reel, The
Legislature Reel, The
Legislators' Reel, The
Lobbyists' Reel, The
New Country, The
Oklahoma Lands Grabs, The
Red Cloud
Territorial Reel, The
Tribune, The

C and A
Edmond Air
First Dance, The
Maud Tabernacle, The
Manse Air, The
President Andrew Jackson
Return to Pennsylvania
Sanctuary, The
Sun above Maud, The
Witness, The

Arrival of Columbus
Creek Nation, The
Curtis Act, The
Dawes Commission, The
Dawes Severalty Act, The
Grapes of Wrath
Oklahoma's Oilmen
Tobacco Road

Chief Lone Wolf
Constitution Jig,  The
Federal Allotment, The
Federal Union, The
Freedmen State, The
Medicine Lodge Treaty, The
Oklahoman, The
Stars and Stripes, The
Womack Jig, The

Chikasaw Deportation, The


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