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Lindsay has a very wide range of compositional interests...

Bagpipe - he has composed several hundreds of tunes, some of which are available on this site in his tune library. Lindsay has a target to create and make available 1000 tunes via this website, arranged into collections of 100 tunes. If you would like to sponsor a collection of tunes, please email Lindsay for a surprisingly reasonable offer. You can also commission individual tunes for a very reasonable rate.

Mantroch - Lindsay's own compositional tool and the subject of his doctoral thesis. A short essay concerning this can be downloaded as a pdf. A descrption of some pieces written using this technique can be found on here.

Opera - Lindsay has composed five operas - three large scale and two chamber operas. His first and most important opera was 'Tulsa' to a libretto by Tom Hubbard. It is unique as it is billed as the 'world's first bagpipes opera'. A partner to this, also by Tom Hubbard is 'The Ballad of Annie Kerr', otherwise known as 'The Sink'. This is a short  ballad opera. The language of teh libretti for these operas is Scots, as it is for another opera to text by Lillias Scott Forbes, 'The Swats of Barleyboozle'. This is somewhat experimental, using mantroch technique throughout. The remaining two operas are very experimental in nature, to text by S.I. Witkiewicz, 'Witkacy' as he was known. The smallest of these is 'Cockroaches' and is very short and small scale, whereas the larger, 'The New Deliverance' is massive in scale.

Ballet - Lindsay has composed one ballet - 'The Werewolf of Tulsa', for a small string ensemble, percussion, harp and mixed bagpipes. It lasts about half an a hour and is very 'celtic' in nature.

Concerto - Lindsay has composed two concertos for borderpipes, with reduced versions for borderpipes and string quartet.  He has also composed a suite concertante for highland pipes and large orchestra. The borderpipe concertos have been performed in several countries.

Symphonic Music - Symphony Number One, "From Beyond' composed to commission from the Baron of Ardgowan.  A twenty-nine minute demonstration of the symphonic application of mantroch technique, this is one of Lindsay's finest works. Other symphonic pieces also include bagpipes, as well as a highland bagpipes suite concertante.

Chamber Music - Lindsay has composed a Chamber Symphony and a Miniature Symphony, both condensed and compact but never the less symphonic. He has also written several smaller scale pieces for mixed ensembles, with and without bagpipes. Almost all of his chamber music has been written to commission.

Bagpipe and Ensemble - this has been a major occupation of Lindsay for several years and he has built up a large repertoire, mostly composed to commission or for his own use, of pieces for bagpipe and various ensembles; symphonic orchestra, chamber orchestra, brass quintet, choir, string quartet, string orchestra, duets and various other line ups. Many of these pieces have been recorded, and can be found on the 'Dances of The World' CDs (volume 1 and 2), his own 'Philharmonic Bagpipes' and 'Celtic Triangle' (available in the shop). He has also made an archive recording with the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of the Polish Radio, conducted by Agnieszka Duczmal.

Commissions - if you wish to have a special piece (solo bagpipe or other ensemble) composed to commemorate an important moment in your life or that of your town, or region, or club or organisation, please contact Lindsay. Rates are reasonable and he can work to a number of styles (including his own...) to write for you what you want. It is also possible to arrange recordings of your special pieces although you should be aware that the cost of this depends on the piece itself and the brief you give Lindsay.

Samples - Please go to the samples page for a number of different examples of Lindsay's compositions.

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