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The Reivers

Lindsay Davidson - pipes

Paweł Wójtowicz - violin

Irena Czubek Davidson - harp

Ryszard Haba - percussion

A Reiver was a kind of bandit traditionally occupying the border lands between Scotland and England, raiding where and what was convenient at the time. Our group, which has been functioning since 1999 is called the Reivers because we raid several musical traditions, taking that which we want and leaving the rest. Although largely grounded on Scottish traditional music, many of our arrangements belong to the classical tradition and our repertoire includes such a wide mix as excerpts from the opera 'Tulsa', to Irish dances to Scottish lamentations and original compositions. Since Ryszard Haba joined at the end of 2004 we are working on adding marimba and vibraphone arrangements to our repertoire...

The group's first performance back in 1999 was for a traditional Scots ceildih in Katowice which we had to lead as well. From there many new angles have been added to the repertoire giving the chance for a pure concert platform.Over the years the Reivers have enjoyed considerable concert success and recently the group decided to record, and have established the repertoire for our launch CD.




Lindsay Davidson, Ferniebank Cottage, Hillhouse, Linlithgow, West Lothian. EH49 6PL Scotland
Tel/fax +44 (0)1506 843740